Pasteurised whole milk cheese with reddish washed rind, with straw-white soft “chewy” paste, light sourness, more intense in aged blocks of cheese.

Brusati Taleggio DOP is the best in Italy… and worldwide. Brusati Taleggio DOP obtained the gold medal at the CaseoArt challenge-San Lucio’s Trophy 2021, organized by Asso Casearia Pandino. The ONAF Panelist and all the expert tasters have valued Brusati Taleggio DOP as the best among the participants. This award certifies the excellence of our products and recognises the passion and love we put every day in the cheese we produce to satisfy our customers and give them the best gourmet experience.

The Caseo-Art-San Lucio’s Trophy is the recognition for a passionate team focused on making genuine high quality dairy products, with their handcraft abilities implemented over the years, and for a company that keeps investing on the land and on the people that contribute every day to its success