Giovanni Brusati

After the First World War Giovanni Brusati starts his own business producing a small amount of Gorgonzola and Grana Padano cheese.

Giovanni’s sons
Achille and Ambrogio

use to help their father in their childhood, but only Achille stays in the business. Over the years the Gorgonzola production grows and in 1992, Achille decides to focus on Gorgonzola making.

The Caseificio is passed from father to son.


Achille’s son, starts assisting his father when he is 16 years old. At the beginning he is just a joyful presence in the Caseificio, but then he starts learning the secrets of the job. Gianpiero is now running the business which is flourishing with the sale of fresh cheese earmarked for aging.

IN 2016

Caseificio Brusati joins the Gandolfo Group, an Italian leading company in fruit and vegetable distribution, with a commercial network made over many generations. This partnership aims to develop a wider customers network and above all to create a strong brand known for its quality and prestige. The collaboration among Caseificio Brusati and Gandolfo Group has created a powerful commercial synergy as well as new important investments for Caseificio Brusati which has been certified IFS-BRC, while strongly keeping its artisan core.

The voluntary certifications IFS and BRC have experienced a significant growth of subscription by Italian Agri-food companies as the awareness for food safety and consumers health has become paramount.