Although our vision is to keep the traditional roots and way of being, we want to produce our excellence in a state of the art environment, we lately have invested on our plant in order to improve it, so as to confirm to our stakeholders our strength and our proactive mindest, because in the market we want to provide reliability and high-performance tradition.

Furthermore, all our suppliers have to pass a very demanding selection process that helps us to choose only the companies that have the same standards and the same vision. Co-working is important for us and as in a football team you have to choose very well your teammates, so we want the best team to win our customers satisfaction. Seriosuness and competence, this is the way we want to be described.


We are aware of our quality, but our opinion is not enough, we want other people to say that! Because of this we take advantage of any chance in which our product can be evaluated and tasted. We find so exciting to partecipate to the competition all over the world, because for us it is always a great opportunity not just the result, but also the “journey” in which we can hear from very expert people so as to improve our products and our company. Therefore, it is very important to talk about our awarded cheeses. 

CaseoArt- San Lucio Trophy 2021

The Taleggio DOP has gained the gold medal, the first place, to the CaseoArt contest, also called San Lucio Trophy, in this event our Taleggio DOP has been recognized as the best Taleggio DOP in Italy.

World Cheese Awards 2021-2022

And now our spearhead…Gorgonzola DOP Dolce Brusati, this cheese has attended, for the first time, the World Cheese Awards 21-22 held in Oviedo, Spain.
At his debut, Gorgonzola DOP Dolce Brusati, gave us an incredible joy, it has been able to gain all the judges’ favor, ranking ninth out of 4079 cheeses partecipating in the contest. With this ranking our Gorgonzola DOP Dolce has been awarded as the “Best Italian Cheese” in the world. It has been a great success… and it was just the first time!

These awards are actually just the end of a very deeper and harder “journey”, which we start every day striving to make the best quality cheeses, focusing on details with passion and love, in order to keep improving so as to guarantee to the customers the best cheese experience possible. And now stay tuned!